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In celebration of International Book Day, with a nod to Jemma King's growing global reach (with reading tours in Canada and Europe planned for 2014), we put a call out for help in translating her most popular poem 'Amelia Earheart' into as many languages as possible, and the response has been wonderful!

So far, we have Polish, Catalan, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Italian, French, Portuguese. Check out our mini catalogue here.

We can't stop here though – if you can help us to translate the poem into a language not yet covered, get in touch with Francesca at


Come to Covent Garden on May 14th at 7pm, for a spot of armchair travelling. Hear about the night that lasts for months, about the ever-changing Deception Island; the chance encounter with a lost 300-year-old manuscript that sent John Harrison off to the ends of the earth; and his journeys alone into remote villages where he was the first gringo the inhabitants had ever seen and life continued as if Columbus had never sailed.

And what better place to celebrate the relaunch of John’s travelwriting trilogy, than amongst the maps, globes and trunks of Stanford’s bookshop, Covent Garden? 

Award-winning travelwriter and Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, John Harrison has an ear for a good tale and a way of engaging the locals. His books balance the geographical, the historical, and the poetic, along with the humourously-recounted minutiae of travel. This is must-attend for fans of travelwriting and good old fashioned storytelling alike.



Join us in a celebration of Tyler Keevil's two recent works for International Book Day/ World Book Night (see what we did there?), at Swansea's Dylan Thomas Centre on wednesday 23rd April, 7.30pm.

Tyler Keevil will talk blood, brine, surrealism and unlikely road trip companions (I imagine) with Swansea's resident chatty novelist Alan Bilton. Plus, free wine and that. All welcome. Be there or be a warped square in the shape of something else.

Burrard Inlet is the body of water that divides Vancouver’s North Shore from the Lower Mainland, where the city meets the mountains, and civilisation meets the wild – a backdrop for characters struggling against the elements, each other and themselves. These award-winning stories are awash in blood and brine.

Tyler will also discuss his new novel The Drive (Myriad Editions, August 2013), a surreal and fast-paced odyssey following wannabe filmmaker Trevor as he rents a Dodge Neon and blazes down Highway 99 towards California, desperate to get over a broken heart. With only a semi-automatic pistol, his trusty plastic visor and a fractious flea-ridden cat for company, this road-trip is fraught with adventure and peril.

Carly Holmes, who has been recently awarded a New Writers Bursary to complete her first collection of short stories, will launch her debut novel The Scrapbook during an event on Friday 25th April at the Cellar Bar, 25-26 Quay Street, Cardigan. Come along to hear Carly reading from her lyrical book, which will be out for general release on May 1st. 
When I first saw you, I had the sun in my eyes. You shone around the edges, a fireball of a man. In the moments it took me to focus on your centre, I’d absorbed you completely.
I re-made myself in tune to your blinks, your frowns, your glances away from me and then back.

After World Book Day (6 March, but only for those who have never set foot beyond UK and Ireland’s borders), International Children’s Book Day (2 April), National Reading Day (23 January, US only), here comes World Book and Copyright Night! It’s on Wednesday, April 23rd 2014. You’d better mark the date on your calendar, because Parthian is formally inviting you to join the celebrations! 


Starting today, we are launching a social media campaign in search of (un)professional translators willing to volunteer their time and energy for the purpose of art! The social experiment requires all candidates to jump aboard for an exciting adventure made of dictionaries and thesauruses. If you are big on foreign languages, if you are Mandarin or Portuguese or Senegalese or [somehwere else] mother tongue, make yourself available!