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John Harrison's latest book, 1519: A Journey to the End of Time, hits online stores today and will be rolling into bookshops this week. In celebration, John is our Author of the Month for August 2015.

A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and member of the British Guild of Travel Writers (as well as winner of its Best Narrative Award 2014), John is a writer and adventurer; descended from a line of aviators and seafarers, he studied geography at Cambridge and worked on environmental policy for various government agencies while teaching himself to write. His first travel book, Where the Earth Ends, was a Sunday Times book of the week. He also won the inaugural Alexander Cordell Travel Writing Competition in 2004, and won it again in 2006. He won Arts Council Bursaries in 1999 and 2000, and was a winner of one of the prestigious Academi/AHRB Bursaries in 2002 for a project on The Wild Wood. 

Don't have any travel plans this summer? You can travel without ever having to leave your chair. Our next Goodreads Giveaway features books from a few of our great international authors. We're giving away 10 copies each of This September SunThe Tower, and Mrs D'Silva's Detective Instincts and the Shaitan of Calcutta. These giveaways are free to enter and run until August 31 for residents of the United Kingdom and India.

Until the end of August, get three books off Parthian's Recommended Summer Reading List for £15 (including shipping!) and we'll include a free mystery book too.

In a new interview with Structo magazine, Susmita Bhattacharya discusses her short story 'Comfort Food', the differences in writing novels and short stories, and her current projects.

The novel of course was a completely different process to writing short stories. When I write short fiction, somehow I always think of the ending. And then I work backwards, and shuffle ideas around in my head before putting pen to paper. When I first started writing short stories, it was always in longhand.

In another of Susmita's short stories, 'Spider', an English pensioner gets a taste of the 'real' India. Read the whole story online for one week only before it's published by The Lonely Crowd.

We love to hear about what you think of our books. Here are some of the highlights from your online reviews on Goodreads and Amazon...

All the Places We Lived by Richard Owain Roberts:

'An original and inventive debut collection of short fiction, definitely one to watch.'  John, Amazon