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Literary Xmas Tree by Kristen McQuillin Source: Media Tinker
Join us at Media Point, Chapter Arts Centre (and the foyer), Cardiff for our Festive Book Fair on the 12th and 13th of December. We'll be having a special event on the Saturday evening as our Festive shindig with a 6PM talk 'A Dramatic Town: Port Talbot and its History of Illustrious Actors' from Angela V. John followed by a late night poetry and prose session with an open mic. 


The Festive Book Fair




We would like to thank British Council Wales for inviting the writers John Harrison and Rebecca F. John to Guadalajara International Book Festival later this month. They will be joined at the festival by our Publishing Editor Susie Wild, who, along with other creative companies, will be on a Welsh Government trade mission to cultural extravaganza – expecting up to one million visitors as part of the book fair – and launching celebrations of music, theatre, technology and the arts. 

Menter Rhosygilwen have uploaded a video of author Angela V. John talking about her new book The Actors' Crucible and explaining why Port Talbot has built such successful links with Hollywood, ahead of her event there on Thursday 19th November. Angela, herself from the steel town, has written a biography with a difference, exploring the lives of some of the town's best known actors and those beginning to make a name on the scene. She'll be giving a talk at 8pm on the 19th at Rhosygilwen mansion, Cardigan. Tickets to the event are £5 and can be bought here.

John Lavin, Fiction Editor at Wales Arts Review and Editor of the new short story journal The Lonely Crowd, has reviewed the debut short story collection Clown's Shoes by Rebecca F. John and Gee Williams' new novel Desire Line for the latest issue of The Welsh Agenda, praising both titles.


Of Desire Line Lavin writes:

'Gee Williams' prose style calls to mind a somewhat unlikely hybrid between James Joyce and Martin Amis. First person, unreliable, not-quite-murder-mystery [...] And in Williams' hands, Rhyl, the book's setting becomes a noir-ish, too-bright-early-technicolour otherworld [...] much like fellow Welsh author Jo Mazelis' recent work Significance, Desire Line is a work of great philosophical depth and profundity masquerading as a murder mystery. And like that book it leaves you both disorientated and yet somehow awoken. A must read.'

More on Desire Line


Of Clown's Shoes Lavin writes: