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See Siôn Tomos Owen make an appearance on SC4's Heno here. He talks about his forthcoming book Cawl with actor Jeremi Cockram around the 44.40 mark. The interview is in Welsh, but English subtitles are available.

Join us at the book launch for Cawl at the suitable setting of Treorchy Rugby Club on 12 October at 7 PM! More information about the event can be found here

Follow Siôn on Twitter for all the latest updates about Cawl and his other projects: @sionmun

Mari Ellis Dunning, winner of the Terry Hetherington Young Writers Award 2016, recently appeared in the Western Mail in the Author's Notes section to talk about her Welsh heritage, longing for home, and what she's currently working on.

Rebbecca Ray and Hilary Shepherd invite everyone who has just begun to write fiction, is writing a novel, or simply needs to find fresh creative energy, to a four-day writing retreat designed to provide the space and stimulus to spark your imagination.

Join us at 3 PM on Saturday 8 October at the Penarth Literature Festival for a great opportunity to hear historian and biographer Angela V. John talk about her latest book, The Actors' Crucible: Port Talbot and the Making of Burton, Hopkins, Sheen and All the Others (Parthian, 2015).

'This is a remarkable book and important book. One would expect no less from Peter Lord who has devoted his career to advocating the visual culture of Wales. In presenting a history of Welsh art in one accessible volume, the author has succeeded both from an academic standpoint and from the point of view of the general reader. This is a thought-provoking book and its content both verbal and visual is given the high design and production values that it merits. In short, it is a book that will stand the test of time.'