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A short story by a local novelist has been brought to life on the wall of a Cardiff coffee shop.


Dan Tyte’s ‘Onwards’ is a collaboration between the novelist and the designer Marc Thomas, who has imagined the story as a 20ft by 5ft vinyl installation at Little Man Coffee.


The long and short of it... Introducing our Fiction Fortnights! For the next three weeks, Parthian and Kindle are offering a selection of fiction both long and short for you to devour.

We're offering the chance to win one of three signed copies of the first edition paperback  edition of this lively, Mantel-endorsed historical novel with a strong female lead. 

“This is the best kind of historical fiction: the past is freshly and energetically reimagined...[Alix Nathan] cuts against cliché, against the received version, against cosiness. She leaves her reader restless, curious, wanting more. She is an original, with a virtuoso touch.” Hilary Mantel. 

We're offering the chance to win one of three copies of the first paperback edition of The Normal State of Mind, the sumptuous debut novel by Susmita Bhattacharya, in our Goodreads Giveaway.

It’s the end of a millennium. India has made tremendous progress in science and technology, but in these times of economic boom can a friendship between two women give them the power to defy society, and law, to reach for their dreams?


‘...a deliciously bold debut novel...  Vivid and tender, funny and bittersweet, it’s fearlessly full of surprises about what it means to be young and female in 1990s India on the cusp of change.'