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Matthew David Scott

Playing Mercy

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Chris and his mates are oblivious to the attentions of the security guards every time they enter the shopping centre, their interests lie in designer-wear and girls rather than in intimidating those around them. In the "respect culture" of a community beset with violence and crime, Chris's personal principles, reflecting the honesty and values of working class Britain, allow him to win through.

Fast-tracking, blackly funny but never bleak look at the world of Chris and Year Eleven mates, Zeb, Kish and Snowman, who trade in cut-price sweets; cadged fags and favours for Graham, who has a police-scanner in his living room for company. Welcome to Britain's top Chav Town, where if you want to go legit to get your clothes, you go to Stolen from Ivor.

"Frank's real name is Sukraj and business has really picked up since he started paying Graham one hundred pounds per week for security. He doesn't put a guard on the door and he hasn't fitted any new cameras but Graham's security has definitely worked."